Until You Acknowledge You’re A (fill in the blank) You Can’t Talk About It. Nonsense.

I’ve been so good lately that I needed to get in one more note of outrage to balance the scales before the year ended.

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The title statement makes my head explode. It’s in the same category as, “When did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Courtemanche?” You can’t respond to that kind of logic in any way or you give some validity to those who spout gibberish like unto it. (Always liked that turn of phrase…)

Let’s end the year with a promise to do the following things in 2015:

Think for more than ten minutes before posting on social media when you’re angry. If you take the time to actually read the story that set you off, you will frequently find that it lacks any validity, it is more than a month old, it has some dark political purpose, or it’s an utter fabrication designed to make you look stupid.

Take off your race glasses. Yes, I know I’m not supposed to say this kind of thing on a blog: people might remember that I have an opinion. But all of you have a moral obligation to think, evaluate people as people, and ignore their skin-tone when talking about current events. It doesn’t mean you don’t note pigment, ethnic background, social status, or sexual orientation. It means that it’s noted, not the factor that decides whether or not the person is telling the truth. I have a horrible thing to tell you: people lie and tarnish others based on their race just to promote their political agenda. Yup, honest. It’s a flaw all groups of humans seem to share regardless of who they are. So take note of facts, not groups.

Quit slamming the police as some monolithic white machine out to exterminate minorities. For those of you in Rio Linda, the NYPD is 60% minority. That’s a stupid statement: they’re all blue. But 60% of them aren’t from Norway, Iceland, Germany, etc. I had to wrap my head in duct tape the last few weeks with what’s going on in this country. For those of you who like to fly off the handle I have another secret: you’re being played. People are selectively pulling one or two photos out of thousands on the internet and saying that “this is how it always is…” when dealing with law enforcement. Saturday’s funeral in NY was a good example. I won’t tear into that mess but to say that there were no white or black cops that day if you talked to them. They were all blue. Emotionally, racially, uniformly, and spiritually. Don’t try to turn their sadness to your political advantage. They’re men and women sworn to protect and serve. They don’t like bad cops either: and bad cops are a very small minority. So lay off the cops and give them a break. They are not the enemy.

Try to remember that flags are planted to claim territory. The Marines planted a flag on Surabachi to claim their victory over the Japanese forces on that island. Neil Armstrong planted a flag on the moon for the peaceful exploration of space on behalf of mankind. What are you claiming if you plant your flag on the top of a mound of smouldering trash? Before you plant a flag, make sure it’s soil you wish to claim. You’re all smart people, you will quickly see that I have no flags planted with David Duke, Adolph Hitler, or Vidkun Quisling. They may look like me, but they’re scum and I want nothing to do with them. The politics of racial identity are in direct opposition to the rule of Jesus Christ: treat your brother as you would treat Him. That ought to make it simple: we are all brothers.

Spend more time with your family and less time on the internet. Same with television. Speaking as an addict, I have already changed my habits to spend more time with my wife in 2014. I will push that even further in 2015. Do you love your family, or your internet domain? (But don’t stop coming here, I love having you read this drivel!)

Serve the community. Instead of making a lot of racket about change, make it happen. Feed the homeless. Mow the lawn of the little old man with arthritis down the block. Pick up the trash in the park instead of walking past it tomorrow morning. Be nice to strangers for no particular reason. It can be as simple as saying hello to a stranger.

Evaluate your works and words before they take place. Most of the things that make you crazy, and make you look crazy to others, are things you don’t need to say or do. Stop and think on that for a minute and you’ll likely agree.

Go forth into 2015 with a resolve to bless others as you have been blessed. I have been blessed. I am going to work on all of this myself.

Thank you for your support and loyalty in 2014. You are one of over 3,000 people visiting this site today and I’m proud to host you.

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