Final Christmas Video Friday Of The Season.

Which, obviously, means there may be more coming out after Christmas. Yeah, funny that way am I.

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First up, Johnny Cash and an eclectic group of back up singers who were apparently instructed not to show any emotion or they’d be shot and left on the stage for vultures to consume. Never have I seen such a dead group of superstars in my life. In 1977 they were all very famous. Not a one of them moved a facial muscle, except Roy Orbison – and I think he just had gas.

Next up, Johnny Cash again! (Trend alert) Singing the Little Drummer Boy this time.

It’s not a video Friday without some ABBA.. or, Bjorn Again. So here’s their take on Little Drummer Boy.

How about The Jersey Boys doing Little Drummer Boy?

Not to be outdone, Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band doing The Little Drummer Boy.

My favorite version is the final one today. The late Don Vogel did a great Howard Cosell impression in his day. Here’s the Little Drummer Boy as Don did it for Howard.

Have a great weekend.

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