I’d Like To Chime In On The Caudillo’s Speech.

For those of you who posted things on their twitter feed last night like, “You’re only POTUS once, let them have it.” you can probably skip this blog. If you like this freedom of speech thing, and have any reverence for the Constitution and the rule of law, read on a bit further.

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Let’s get this out in the open: He doesn’t care what you think now that the election is over. Our president is doing what he pleases and ruling by fiat. His excuse that every president, Republican or Democrat, has done the same thing is right along the lines of, “But Billy’s a bigger thief than me, why am I being punished.” I’d like for all of them to uphold the law.

Executive orders are designed to handle emergencies. Period. Full stop. They have been corrupted over the years, and Obama has now taken them to their zenith. Today I heard him tell the nation that he was tired of waiting for Congress to pass laws, so he was going to do it on his own and they’d better catch up. He actually said that once they pass a law he can sign he’ll rescind the executive order he is issuing on immigration. Sorry, Barry, not how it works.

In our nation, the Congress is supposed to pass legislation. The president has the option of signing it after it is presented to him. Sometimes there is no legislation to sign. The opposition calls that gridlock. I call it the best thing around. I don’t want government passing more laws, I’d like to see a whole bunch of them repealed. But when the legislative branch chooses not to pass a law, that doesn’t give the executive the power to write his own laws. And, Thursday night, that’s what he effectively did to our nation. He assumed dictatorial power over things that the legislative branch saw fit to leave alone.

For the two remaining fans of Barack Hussein Obama still reading along, let me remind you of this: When your guy does it it’s pretty neat. When the other guy does it it sucks. When it’s done legally there is course to redress. When it’s illegal, it hurts everyone, and sets a terrible precedent for the future.

I don’t like anyone in Washington telling me that they’re going outside the law and the constitution to change policy. Period. None of them. Because when the next group of clowns takes over, and it will happen, they could pull the same stuff.

Many honorable nations have fallen under the spell of leaders who usurp their constitutional powers. It is a tragically bad idea that has led to innumerable wars and despotic situations. Not that a lame-duck president will be in a position to do so, for that is very unlikely given the results of the last election. But it’s a bad idea no matter who is in power to rule by fiat.

Our founders set this nation up with a set of checks and balances. Gridlock sometimes results. As it is supposed to be.

Mr. President, you have held the opinion for years that what you did on Thursday is illegal. Why, now, do you feel that you can violate that legal threshold and rule like a dictator?

I’d like a straight answer. Haven’t heard one yet. If you are of a mind, watch the video and he will tell you, in his own words, just how wrong his actions were on Thursday. Let me know how you square that one in the comments.

Just by the way, it’s still valid even if it’s on Fox.

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