Richard Simmons Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

I have no idea what that title means. But I really liked it a few months ago when I was writing down blog ideas. I wish I’d put in a few sentences on what I was thinking about.

Only slightly demented, still not Richard Simmons

Only slightly demented, still not Richard Simmons

I would have used a picture of Richard Simmons, but celebrities rather zealously guard their image. I need a lawsuit like Stormy needs five more pounds.

I suspect that it referred to my proclivity to hang stuff on the exercise bike. My canning towels spent the summer there. Great spot on the recumbent bike to set cases of jars as well. Not such a great place to park my backside and pedal.

Until recently. I decided that since I’d survived surgery in the last few months it was time to get into better shape. I have been down in the basement riding that thing on a regular basis. I now remember what it is like to sweat when it’s cold out.

My basement is unheated. I do have a big screen television, a nice set of stereo headphones, and a dvr/cable device that allows me to store episodes of Jail until I’m ready to watch them. 32 of the little critters at last count. A nice supply of movies and documentaries on the shelf next to the dvr. I love documentaries. Come to think of it, I kind of like riding the bike.

Stormy has been going down with me when I work out. Not that she’s pumping iron, but if she’s in the basement at 5:30 in the morning, she’s not barking upstairs and waking normal people who sleep. That would be my wife.

In the basement she settles down on the rug by the shelves and turns her back to me. She doesn’t like the stairs. Nor does she like my taste in television. Tough hop, doggie girl.

This does not mean that I don’t sabotage myself with what I eat, nor will I proclaim myself fit. But I have noticed that my heartbeat is much more steady, my pulse and blood pressure lower, and my attitude better since I started this endeavor a while ago.

I’m even seriously contemplating going back to the gym to lift weights again in another two months. I need to get the cardio down before I go for strength. I still have a membership, and a new pair of lifting gloves I purchased about 6 years ago and never wore. It’s time.

Richard Simmons doesn’t live here anymore. But the me I used to be seems to have moved on as well.

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