My Phone Is Trying To Tell Me Something. Maybe It’s God?

No, I don’t think my phone is a deity. I mean perhaps God is using my phone to send me a message.

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I have a couple of thousand songs loaded onto my tablet and my telephone. I use them as a juke box while I work on projects. The last month has featured one song over and over in my rotation. I love Motown, I like some modern country, love Gospel, enjoy modern Christian. But this song is from a Scottish Ballad singer: Al Stewart. And every time I turn the tunes on he’s there singing Trains. Please take a minute to watch the video and then rejoin me. (warning! Graphic images of Holocaust brutality.)

It is my personal opinion that evil was pushed back by a great measure with the blood sacrifice of the American Civil War. Revisionists will tell you that it was an economic war. Politicians will tell you it was to preserve the union of states. I think it was a war to cleanse our national soul of the stain of slavery. By shedding that blood we cleansed this nation in many ways and it allowed us to prosper and grow.

World War I opened the door a crack for evil, and the Russian and Chinese communist revolutions widened the opening with their mass slaughter. But for pure evil flying like monkeys from the castle, Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich kicked the doors of Hell wide open. This song, Trains, talks about that evil and how it lingers to this day in our souls.

This week we’ve seen slaughter, genocide, insanity in new waves cross the Middle East. That’s how the press would like you to view it, but it’s just a continuation of what happened seventy years ago in Germany and Poland. Evil is walking this earth. Rwanda, Cambodia, Serbia – the list of murders and crimes against God is truly endless in the past century. We weren’t perfect before that, but it seems to be picking up the pace in the last few decades.

We live in an age when prayer, fasting, and contemplation are needed more and more all the time. We spent this last week mourning Robin Williams. That’s fine, but he was one sad and depressed man. What about the hundreds who will die in Chicago this year from gunfire? The Yazedis who are dying of thirst on a mountain in Iraq. Or of the Christians slaughtered in Nigeria and Egypt. Our priorities are a mess. Not to mention the thousands of children who are abused to the point of death every week on this globe floating through space.

Today I ask you to consider a regimen of prayer, fasting, and contemplation for one week. I know nobody can leap right into it without planning. So let’s do it the week of September 7th. I am going to prepare for it by making a list of things I need help with in my life. The things where I want to seek guidance from God. The things I need to change to make my world right.

I hope you’ll join me. It’s almost a month away. Let’s do it together and listen to that message I keep hearing from God on my telephone. It is a smart phone if I listen to the message.

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