Go Buy The Wedding Game By Amy Matayo – It’s .99 This Weekend

There. That was straightforward. The Wedding Game by my friend Amy Matayo is less than a buck for the Kindle version this weekend.

It doesn’t get better than that – unless it’s free. Or, if Amy sent you a jar of jam with it, or something. I don’t know. I do know that if I were a woman I’d be Amy Matayo.

On second thought, that didn’t come across quite right. If I was a woman, but good looking and funny I’d be Amy. That may still miss the mark a bit. Let’s just say that she’s one of my favorite female authors because she’s as nuts as I am. Ah, that may fit the bill exactly.

The review is here. Don’t use the links on that page, I think one is broken. Use this link to buy the book. And buy her new book Love Gone Wild while you’re at it today.

Seriously, she’s funny and the books are fun. I’m done shilling now. Get reading. And have a great weekend.

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