Another Item On Stormy’s List.

Stormy has a long list of things she objects to on a daily basis. Some she truly hates, some she dislikes, some she is afraid of to the degree where she hides out in another room.

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Doctor Stormy.

Doctor Stormy.

We have added another item to the list: snow shoveling.

Last winter she was considered too great a flight risk to be out in the yard without a leash for the first month. After that, we let her out for very short periods and watched her from the doorway. Only come the spring did she get unobserved time in the yard. That meant that she was not loose when I shoveled or blew snow: the gates were opened and closed and she could escape.

This morning, at 05:28, we discovered that she doesn’t like snow shoveling. Rather vocal about it as a matter of fact. It took us a little while to work the issue out, and by the time the back sidewalk was done she was over her anger but firm in her fear. She literally hid behind the tree.

It is time to post the list. I now present, in no particular order, the list of things that Stormy objects to:

snow shoveling
Zamboni machines
vacuum cleaners
snow plows
school buses
garbage trucks
people in her alley
industrial lawn mowers
jet airplanes
propeller aircraft
satellite dishes
cables and power lines (on windy days)
squirrels (really a sore spot)
any diesel engine
neighbors in their yards
neighbors in their garages
Lulu (the neighbor’s dog, possibly an arch-villain in her universe)
electric shavers
wet grass
cold pavement
snow between her paw pads

The “like list” is much shorter:

belly rubs
sleeping on my bed

Get the picture. I sure love that dog.

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Another Item On Stormy’s List. — 1 Comment

  1. Maybe Stormy could go for a canine Sozo Session! That’s a huge list for a sweet little dog to deal with every day!! But it looks as if the “like list” is growing so you ARE winning the battle, Joe! God’s continued blessing to you . . .