It Was Way More Than A Ham Dinner.

All across the United States restaurants went out of their way to honor veterans on Monday. I even got up early and went to cash in on my freebie. Someone forgot to send me the memo that the joint would still be packed at 1930 on a Monday. If you live in Minnesota, that’s way after “The Norwegian Dinner Hour.” You can usually count on the place starting to empty out at 1900, dontcha know?

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Instead of risking being late for work, I abandoned the major chain (no hard feelings, glad to see you doing well and all) and headed to Old Country Buffet. You can stop the eye rolling. I like the place. Good coffee, Rice Krispy bars, pot roast, ham, mashed potatoes, etc. Comfort food.

Best Veteran's Day meal ever.

Best Veteran’s Day meal ever.

I didn’t even ask about getting the military discount. I leave that one to the younger men and women who have taken over in the wake of my generation moving on to the important things: getting fat and bald. I paid my tab and hung my coat on the back of the chair.

A quick tour led me to the carving table where a giant slab of ham beckoned. If you can’t have bacon, ham is close enough. The young man at the carving station asked for my order and quickly filled it – and a giant hunk of ham it was! As I turned to head to my table he said, “Did you serve.”

Given the context of being served in a restaurant it took me a moment to figure out what he meant. I suppose the Casper Society (WARNING: autoloading sound file) hat on my fat head was a giveaway. And in that moment there was no finer, more welcome, better tasting meal in all of the world than what I had in my hand. “Yes, I did. A long time ago.”

“Thank you, Sir. I appreciate it.”

Finest meal I’ve had in a long time. And a well mannered young man who will be in my prayers when I go to bed tonight.

The meal may have cost me a bit on the credit card, the recognition and respect were priceless.

God Bless America – there’s hope for us yet.


It Was Way More Than A Ham Dinner. — 2 Comments

  1. Love it:) love the pic too! And thank you for serving. You still serve so many every day:)