Happy Birthday Marines!

No Sponsorship Sunday this week. We’re celebrating a birthday!

So, this will be a quick post. But one that I hope you read and act upon.

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A few weeks back I wrote about supporting our troops overseas. The importance of those letters and packages is massive when you’re a long way from home. It’s so much a part of me that I felt guilty that I hadn’t put any goodies in the mail for a while. This picture tells the tale.

Happy Campers

Happy Campers

The smiles. The happy looks. The idea that we remembered them. Please take a moment to remember a military member today. Find a friend’s relative overseas and send a letter and a package. Or go to Soldier’s Angel’s and donate. But don’t let another day go by without doing something.

This post is going up on the Marine Corps Birthday because I sent my packages to a Marine Gunnery Sergeant that I know.

Semper Fi, Dusty. You’re in my prayers.

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