Steve Update – Don’t quit praying quite yet.

My friend Steve is out of the ICU – he was there almost a month. But he faces all sorts of new challenges that being unconcious for a period of weeks can cause. Combine that with a handfull (one finger for each and then some) of surgeries, medical issues from before the surgery, and … well, you get the idea.

Please take 5 minutes right now to pray for Steve. He really needs it. His wife needs the prayer as well. He will be facing some transitions in care this week and it is vital that we all line up on our knees and do the hard work he cannot do right now.

Thank you in advance. And here’s a bonus picture! 

My side job as a human jungle-gym.

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Today’s keyword bingo entry – Kate Gosselin!  (Sorry, hard as I tried I couldn’t get more trivial.)

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