Some people have nothing better to do than see what a goof I am.

Yesterday I posted this video on my Facebook page.  I wrote the paragraph below. And 38 people went to to watch the video.

Several years ago I did a commercial for Best Buy that, um, er, … well, it got exactly 1598 views on youtube if that tells you anything. Let’s just say that they chose not to run with this as a flagship item.

But, as any actor will tell… you – “It’s all good if the check cashes.” And it did. I had to really dig around to find this little gem, but I’d promised the Haiti Mission team that I’d try to post it as part of the ongoing inside joke about the tooth fairy. And here it is for your viewing pleasure!


Now I’m really curious. Would you please click through this link to go watch it on youtube? I’m trying to get a handle on how many people watch these things I put up on the site. When you watch the embedded video it doesn’t tickle the counters.

And in response to your question, no, I’m not embarrased – the check cashed. It as worth doing if for no other reason than to see how much the poor fellow in the Easter Bunny suit was sweating with every take. The fan in the suit couldn’t run because it would destroy our audio. So they baked under the lights with that thing and between each take they had to take the helmet off and drink water/be fanned. Heatstroke was a blink away.

What silly jobs have you taken on “to pay the rent?” What would you be willing to do to earn the money to live? And do you still believe in The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or The Tooth Fairy?

Today’s bonus keyword bingo entry is: sinkhole.

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