“Two More” By Joe Shaw – Part Deux. And A Commentary By Your Host

Today’s installment of “Two More” is now ready for your enjoyment. Shaw does not disappoint! So, follow this link to his blog and the story. There is also a mini-blog, by me, below the boilerplate below. Read down – it’s not fiction, but a political rant. 

We’re deep in the lockdown now, so we’re ramping up – we’ll have fresh fiction Monday through Friday to be sure, possibly a special weekend edition. Matter of fact, come back on Easter Sunday for a special version of my blog – another story freshly minted just for you.

I did say we’re adding authors, right? Soon. But right now, that list of authors includes Derek Elkins, Jamie D. Greening, Kathy Kexel, and Joe Shaw on the masthead. And me. You’re stuck with me. As always, there’s no fee, we’re doing this to help you pass the time. We do ask that you buy our books/audio books to help pay the freight here. But that’s up to you!

Now, if you’re just here for fiction, avert our eyes. You’ve been warned that the next segment is politically oriented.


This one goes out to everyone who’s dialing the authorities to dime out their neighbors for walking the dog, or playing Frisbee with their own family in the park. It’s doubly so for the ones confronting them in a deranged manner before calling the cops: Shut up, go back to your house, and sit in a dark room for the next 30 days.

You may have wondered how the Nazis got so many people to turn in their Jewish neighbors. Partly they spread the rumor that Jews were disease carriers. But more than anything, the authorities lauded people for doing the right thing “for the state.” They incrementally tightened things down and turned everyone into either an informer or the victim of an informer.

It’s an easy trap. I’m not starting a campaign to go door-to-door licking doorknobs in groups of 24 – or more – but use some common sense. Don’t be an ass. 

This, unfortunately, goes double for my brothers and sisters in blue. You have no legal authority to enforce unconstitutional laws. You are really on shaky moral ground doing this kind of thing. I realize you have to follow orders, but if the orders are immoral, you don’t follow them. 

So, Blue family, if you have to talk to someone about them driving around, walking with their family, or whatever it is, be polite, be nice, and be issuing a warning unless you’ve seen them before – or it is a herd of doorknob lickers. 

You have a moral obligation to police fairly. You took an oath. You can do both. Because this will be over in a few weeks, and you have to carry on with the same community you just went Stasi on yesterday. Don’t go Stasi. Stay true to the Constitution. You will win accolades and laurel wreaths.

In the meantime, be safe out there. You are the front lines and people count on you. Don’t squander that capital on enforcing chicken-*@$# rules some autocratic twit laid down without force of an actual law. Worse yet, a rule they set in place to make themselves feel powerful – because your enforcing it does give them that power.

End of rant.









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