Time For Kathy Kexel’s Debut!

Along the path I’ve wandered as a writer, I’ve met some delightful people. One of my favorites is a woman I met in a hay field in Wisconsin. Kathy was there for the radio station she worked for, reporting on this assemblage of Christian Authors. We got to talking and became friends. 

This week she saw what Jamie Greening, Joe Shaw, and I had in the works and asked to join in. Okey-dokey! And thus another writer was born. 

Here’s the link to her blog. I don’t think she’s got anything for sale anywhere yet, but that will happen down the road. In the meantime, go read the story: History.


See you next week with 4 more flash fiction pieces to keep you amused while we all hide in the basement. Or, Attic. Or, in Shaw’s case the shed in the back of the neighbor’s yard. Please remember that we’re doing this for fun, but we’d really love it if you bought a book, downloaded one of the audio books on this blog, or just sent us your Visa card number.

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