Old Dogs And Spicy Sandwiches

This is a rather short post, and a bit of a change from what you usually find here. But I think it’s worth saying, and hopefully it will prompt you to reflect a bit on priorities in your own life.

Thursday I walked to the dentist, and then on to work. I had a pack loaded with 45 pounds of assorted stuff, and it was a beautiful day to stroll 6.5 miles. Along the way I stopped at the Trung Nam Bakery to get some croissants, Palmiers, and a Banh Mi sandwich – or two.

I worked up a great sweat, strained my back and leg muscles by hauling all that weight around town, and got some sunshine on my face. It was the first really long walk of the season carrying a heavy load. (I’m in training for an event this fall where you do a 1/2 marathon carrying a 35 pound pack – yeah, it’s extreme sports at it’s best.)

Once I had showered at the health club downtown, I trod to work, shucked the pack, and devoured the food, saving but one sandwich for lunch.

Hot coffee, spicy sandwiches, and good cookies.

This evening, I got home and sprang Stormy from her confinement in the house. She had returned to her normal self after a week of not eating and being depressed. My wife and I had taken off a few days apart on individual road trips, and she evidently thought she was being abandoned for the third time in her life. It made me feel terrible when I realized what was going on. I was gone for 10 days, and brought her back to happiness with french fries and cheese.

So, tonight, I’m tired – the good kind of tired. My dog is doing great, the lawn is mowed, and I had a great road trip with my mom and a couple of other authors.

Life is pretty darned good when you take time to appreciate the little things that make life good. Like spicy sandwiches and old dogs that love you.

Be blessed.

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