This Review By Peter Younghusband Says It All

Now and again you roll the dice as an author and leap in a new direction. Nicholas of Haiti was a nearly complete shift from Assault on Saint Agnes in genre. But it was a book on my heart, and one that I needed to get into the public eye.

That is sometimes death for an author, because your following rejects a different flavor.

Today I feel good about the shift: Peter Younghusband approves!

Peter, for those who are unaware, is a prominent book blogger in Australia. He was gracious enough to review Nicholas of Haiti and his review is at the link provided here:

Peter Younghusband Review

I would ask that you take the time to read it, and then purchase the book. If you have already taken the time to read the book, I beg you to go to Amazon and review it for me. Those reviews are priceless, and help in my sales ability with their algorithm.

Have an excellent day: I did!

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My second novel, Nicholas of Haiti, is now available. Go fetch your credit card for the Kindle, print, and audio book versions. This is not a sequel to Assault on Saint Agnes, but a unique book in the speculative Christian fiction world.

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