17 Years And The War Will Never End

Today’s blog will be short. On September 11, 2001 we were subjected to an attack from jihadist forces who would have used a nuke if they’d had it.

Today the war continues. It started in Mecca during the year 610 A.D. with a pedophile prophet named Mohammed. It spread, like a cancer, across Arabia, Asia, and Africa, eventually trying to overthrow the European world as well. It was driven back by unrelenting effort, massive amounts of bloodshed and the Crusades. It continued through the 20th century, and ignited into a shooting war that nobody could ignore in 2001.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of conquest and submission. Convert or die. Nothing less.

The fact is, the civilized world has been at war with Islam for centuries. This is nothing new. However, if we relent, blink, or give them an inch with today’s technology, they will destroy the civilization we have. They will vanish in the counter strike, but that’s part of their goal: to bring on the end times where Islam triumphs according to their prophets.

I honor those men and women who have given their lives, and health, in this current fight. My book, Assault on Saint Agnes is a story about the continuing fight.

We must continue the fight. It is not easy to pick up the gun and march to the front for most. But if we fail to do so, we will all perish.

It is that simple.

Never forget.

Always fight.

Never give up.
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17 Years And The War Will Never End — 3 Comments

  1. As usual, I love your blogs and everything you say in this one is on point.
    Your measured words and reasonable tone are refreshing. The politically correct crowd won’t agree but they are wrong. Pure and simple.
    Unfortunately, most Americans refuse to believe the lessons of history regarding Islam.
    My oldest son was 7 years old on 9-11. My youngest was 4. I was a DoD plans, ops and intel officer and defense contractor until the end of 2006. I really thought we could at least defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda before my children were old enough to fight in the same war I served in. But I was wrong. My oldest is a platoon leader today leading troops on combat patrols in Afghanistan. And my youngest will finish his officer training and be on active service in 2019. My generation failed our own children.
    God help us…