They’re threatening to take away my blogging license.

I just got a message from the blogging authorities that my license is in jeopardy unless I get more subscribers. I’m not above blegging (blog-begging) for help here. So, please be so kind as to subscribe. It’s the box on the right just below the pretty picture I use as my header on the blog. And then post a link to this blog on your facebook page. Following that, hit all the like buttons and retweet the stuff you’ve read here this week. When you’ve done that, head on to the right side below the subscribe box and “like” my author’s page on facebook (can’t miss the widget, it’s got my mug on it.)

I’m working on adding content every day. That is not a chore to me, but a pleasant task. Time consuming but fun. My request is that you continue to visit (or, better yet subscribe) and pass it along to your friends and family. In the past week I’ve covered enough different topics to engage all sorts of interest groups.

Yet there is one group I’ve neglected to reach out to this past week – knitters. So, here’s a video of speed knitting in the hope that there’s one great group out there that can push me over the top to 10,000 views a month.

And if you don’t get a groove on for speed knitting, how about this –

See, I told you I’m shameless.

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They’re threatening to take away my blogging license. — 1 Comment

  1. My wife had a fellow knitter in her group who’s stitches were so tight that the rest of the group joked that if they gave her steel wool, she could knit herself a Volkswagen…