Not A Political Rant

I had a lovely rant about fake news to share with you. Then I realized that the hyper-partisan individuals for whom I had written the blog over the past few days wouldn’t care what I said.

Consequently, a movie review – kind of….

Pride of the Marines is an absolutely wonderful story of love, dedication, bravery, sacrifice, and American values. Sound too much like nonsense? Well, take a bit of time to watch it and then get back to me.

I like war movies. Cut my teeth on the things. This is one of the very best. Not much combat in the movie, lots of human interest. As a writer, I can only marvel at the dialogue. Spectacular stuff. Speeches that leave you with tears running down your face. Beautiful women, beautiful souls, and a slice of America that my generation probably never understood.

The trials of wounded Marines speak not just to their generation, but in this movie reflect the angst that came from the vets of the first world war having been treated so poorly. Just like our own Vietnam vets. Today’s returning service members have it better, but it’s still a rough road for those with disabling injuries.

Here’s the theatrical trailer:

Now, go and watch the whole thing – it’s well worth it.

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