Lighten Up, Francis: Comey Had To Go.

Just a little note on this fine spring morning to all of the nattering-nitwits on the news: shut up.

Let’s start with all of you who were howling for Comey’s head last fall when he “stole the election from Hillary.” Yes, you know who you are. Okay, your wish finally came true. Happy now?

Chrissy Matthews and company are saying that Trump’s a fascist for firing Comey.

Seriously? In real totalitarian governments, when the head of the secret police (which is a role the F.B.I. fills, among others) gets fired, he usually gets a firing squad as well. Not a gig speaking on CNN. The whole thing is how a democracy works. Comey lost the respect/faith of his agents, his superiors, and most of the Congress if you look at the last 8 months. (Don’t let the memory hole get you: you all wanted his head in October…)

What do bosses do with employees like that? They fire them. Which is what happened.

Nobody was rounded up in the night. Nobody was beaten to death in a dank basement. Nobody shut down the media for 48 hours to let it get done.

Nope. None of that.

So all of you can now go back to your daily activities and quit acting like morons.

If you were not acting like a moron, don’t take this personally.

I have to go to work. You see, life goes on. For Comey as well.

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Lighten Up, Francis: Comey Had To Go. — 4 Comments

  1. On point, as usual.
    I saw a funny CNN segment yesterday at the gym (Because I don’t watch TV especially CNN except when I am at Planet Fitness Oceanside whose owner despises Fox News). Anyway… the gist of the CNN reporting was that, although it was good that Trump fired Mike Flynn when it became obvious Flynn compromised himself with the Russians, it was still not good because, well, “Trump didn’t do it quite right…”