The Oath Never Expires.

One of the things that most veterans agree on, is that the oath of office/enlistment never expires. I remember mine, and it didn’t have any clause that said, “And this commitment expires five years from today unless you re-enlist.”

That’s why we “pop-tall” when the flag goes by, stop in our tracks and salute when the Star Spangled Banner is played, or doff our caps and bow our heads when Taps rolls over the countryside on Memorial day.

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For me, personally, it also means that when I’m asked to lend a hand with military projects I don’t even blink. I just ask what the deadline is, and how they need it served up. Some of them will be quietly remembered by people involved, but few will be trumpeted. My good friend George knows of one project I did years ago that meant a lot to him and his Marines. So glad I was there for them when I was too old/deaf/fat to go myself.

Sometimes that means that a Santa visit is needed to a family when their military member is deployed. Sometimes it’s a unit party. Sometimes it’s a hospital visit with Toys-For-Tots. Whatever it is, I’m in for the duration.

Recently, a friend of mine in the Wisconsin National Guard asked me to help out with a project commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the WING entering into service in World War I. As a history buff, that tickled me to no end. I think there are additional project pieces to come over the next few months, but the first one is in public view as of today. It’s a video about the Declaration of War, and the role of the WING in the surge of troops.

I portray Woodrow Wilson‘s voice in the video. Now, you probably wonder what a guy from Minnesota is doing voicing a President from Virginia. Not a problem. I studied up by listening to some recordings of his voice I found on the web. Turns out he had no discernible accent, and instead spoke in a soothing, professorial voice. Very calming.

So, here’s the video. I’m rather proud of the work. And I must compliment the WING on bringing this history to our attention.

And, most importantly, thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Gary Thompson, for asking me to contribute my time. It was an honor. More information at their website,

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