I Had Harbored Anger In My Heart And Mike Smith Allowed Me To Repent.

Today I wasted some time being angry with someone. Details unimportant. When I got home, I opened an email from Pastor Mike Smith and it contained the video below. I’ve known Mike for 7 years or so. My heart healed, … Continue reading

You’ll Never Guess Which Bearded Author Is A Male Model.

Me. Yeah, I model. I’ve been working modeling jobs for decades. I was a hand model back in the 1980’s for some obscure product when a friend desperately needed a set of workman’s hands for a photo shoot he’d scored. … Continue reading

An Homage To An Honorable Man By An Honorable Man.

I like to think that I hang out with a pretty good class of people in my life. Some are of high social station, some at the bottom rung. But all are good people. People I value. I also like … Continue reading