Can A Great Sentence Be Worth The Interruption In Flow?

That question bedevils some writers in their production of words for public consumption. I am often beset by the conundrum in my writing. It’s a sticky question that I’ll lay out for you below. And I’ll do it quickly, no … Continue reading

Another Cultural Guidepost Gone – R.I.P. Tom Clancy

Thank you, Tom Clancy, for some of the best reading in my long career as a book junkie. Thank you for redefining the genre. Thank you for making me drop my jaw and slam the book shut more than once … Continue reading

The song is wrong – suicide isn’t painless.

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota on the heels of a very long and trying winter. I didn’t make it out unscarred: I blew out my knee in the last big snowfall. But I made it out alive. I even … Continue reading