Meep, Meep. Get Out Of The Way, I’m Driving!

The slump is over for the most part. Last week I wrote about the struggle to learn my new role at work. Today I have good news. God’s message through my Bible Studies teacher was right on the money, and I’m feeling like I have wings.

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We call it “driving” when you’re in training and put out in the real production world to do your job. Mind you, you have a senior person who sits and listens in as you talk to people. They kibitz and point at the screen and tell you what needs doing. But at some point they kick back and let you drive – hopefully not over the cliff.

The cliff is there. If you get itchy fingers on the keyboard you can cause loads of trouble. The kind that makes the news. But if you exercise caution it’s productive stuff. Suddenly, all the bits and pieces, screens that had flashed by, the handouts and lectures, the whole schmere, begins to fall into place like giant blocks in a bad game of LSD infused Tetris.

Tuesday I handled a bunch of stuff. Needed some help, but actually had a clue on much of it. Even knew some shortcuts that were logical given the situation – my instructor was surprised. Yeah, Baby!

But I know that won’t last forever. There’s a slick corner ahead. I will hit a wall and scrape some paint off the car.

Today, however, I got to race around the track with the engine floored.

Today was a good day.
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