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Seems some of you really like my book reviews. Others wonder why I don’t give a plot synopsis. I’ll give you all the details below the fold. But let’s cut to the chase and sell some books for my friend, and fellow Genesis Winner (2014), Dennis Ricci: I present Perilous Judgment.

Perilous Judgment

Perilous Judgment

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Dennis Ricci

Dennis Ricci

Why no plot synopsis? Because I think it’s lazy of me to bulk up the blog with stuff you can read over at (Like the reviews on my book – Say, have you read it and reviewed it yet? Assault on Saint Agnes? I need your review!)
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Now I have my pitch for the day in… Seriously, you trust me to tell you what I liked/didn’t like about the book. The synopsis is up to you. I’m going to feed you the spices and sweets that readers seem to want more than the publisher’s notes about the release.

My usual disclaimer applies: This is an honest review. I don’t shill for friends. But it does help to be my friend if you want your book reviewed. Otherwise, I’d spend the rest of my life reviewing books for people. I want to have fun here as well!

With that being said, here’s the review I’m posting on Amazon for Perilous Judgment about the time this blog gets published:

Perilous Judgment Is A Genesis Award Winner For A Good Reason

I received an advanced reviewer copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

What separates Christian fiction from secular fiction is often hard to ignore. In many cases, there’s an overload of wholesomeness and goodie-two-shoes “here’s my favorite Scripture” writing. Dennis Ricci avoids that like the plague, but hews to the guidelines of not using excessive violence, sexual imagery, or foul language.

Because of that, Perilous Judgment is a safe read for anyone with an aversion to rough language and sex. Not that there isn’t plenty of action, violence, and drama in the book, but it’s done for a purpose and doesn’t break the rules. In other words, it’s a good yarn without the offensive items that a lot of secular authors would have gratuitously thrown in. No salacious bits!

The writing jumps back and forth between a few major characters, and if you lose track of who’s up to bat, it can set you back for just a moment. I read the book during a very distracting period of my life, so I have to figure normal people (not squirrels with shiny objects like me) will have no problem.

Lots of good sub-plot devices, clever ruses, and some image painting that leave you feeling the dust of Mexico on your brow as you look for a cool drink and some frijoles. I think about frijoles often, and that makes this a good thing. Lunch Tuesday was frijoles. So if you can put me in mind of a thing that strongly you are doing it right.

One of the main focuses in the book is the immigration issue. Dennis rightly points out the inequities in the current situation in his story, and that was the only thing that gave me a single moment’s pause. I’m not sure if that’s because of my personal convictions on the issue, or the conundrums the characters faced. I’ll leave that for the reader to decide.

Summer’s upon us (except in Minnesota where it’s still freeze-warning season) and this would be an excellent book to take to the beach with you.

I give it 4 stars!

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