A Fall Of Sparrows – Book Review Time! Yes, Five ***** Stars.

Since I have nothing else to do this month (except promote Assault on Saint Agnes) I thought I’d review a fellow author’s book. Lest you accuse me of only happy-happy-joy-joy reviews, you should know I read a lot of books that never get here. Less than four stars and I won’t review it. If it’s on this blog, I really liked it. Mind you, none of that “My publisher asked me to do this” stuff in my house. It’s gotta be good.

A Fall of Sparrows, by Paul J. Bennett.

A Fall of Sparrows

A Fall of Sparrows

Also, since I am fairly lazy, I thought I’d just post my Amazon review of the book. Yeah, I’m like that – why write something twice!

I grabbed this book because it’s from the same publisher as my book. Brand loyalty and all that.

Now, after reading this exceptional tale of courage, honesty, and the touch of The Holy Spirit in one man’s heart, I can’t wait to read more from Paul J. Bennett. As a matter of fact, sitting down and talking with him about this book is on my list of highlights when we have our author’s meeting in August before the Christian Festival for Athanatos Ministries and the press it supports.

I’ve read my share of Civil War books, and this ranks up there with Karl Bacon’s work. I gave Bacon 5 stars for both of his books, and Paul is every bit as engaging.

Much of the story is told in the first person, from the eyes of the Hero. This is a man bedeviled by the real world, seeking the spiritual. He comes to realize that one can either be, or not be, true to his faith.

While the book relies on a Christian viewpoint, and uses the character’s faith to bring home certain points, it is equally a story of the times, abolitionist issues, and the moral dilemma of just war.

Mr. Bennett is a gifted author who’s words flow like the river of life through the work. I aspire to write this well.

I can heartily recommend this book to Civil War buffs, Christian fiction enthusiasts, and anyone who loves a very well told tale.

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