A Palate Cleanser

Yesterday’s blog seemed to trigger a few people. I have reports of howling in the woods and fists bludgeoning reason.

Just to clarify, self-deprecating humor is part of this blog. If you missed it, more’s the pity.

Oh, and for one reader – Why yes, that is an Arabic Bible on the header. You evidently missed the loaded .45 automatic on top of it. While this blog does come from a Christian world view, we also handle weapons on a regular basis. One of them is sarcasm. You can take, or leave, anything I say here as you see fit. But I don’t speak on behalf of all Christians. I’m pretty sure I only speak on my own behalf most of the time. And I wonder about that!

Now, on to current business. My friend Emilie Hendryx is not just a gifted photographer, but she’s also a writer and a blogger. She’s gathered together several of her friends, all of whom are professional writers (Yup, I finally got a paying gig. News in a day or two on that!) and we’re all contributing Christmas stories.

I have the honor of leading the parade today. I do hope that you’ll stop over at her blog, Thinking Thoughts, and read each story this month. Mine is a true one, and describes a modern miracle.

I hope you’ll click that link and go check it out. Share it on Facebook and/or your blog (the link to her blog, not any stolen content!) and help her grow her audience.

Be blessed, have a great day, and go read that blog!

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