It’s Probably Early To Start This Thread – But That’s The Way It Goes.

I’m sure you’re aware of the old expression “When it rains, it pours.” If not, that’s been my day for the last 48 hours. I have not taken so many phone calls, and had so many urgent emails in years.

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I know better than to whine about having too many jobs offered to me. I am truly blessed to have four streams of income. I’m not rich, but God periodically turns on the faucet and floods the room with blessings.

I have successfully fended off several offers of work, and succumbed to four others in the last 48 hours. I am in the process of evaluating/being evaluated for several more. In each and every case it’s been an unexpected bonanza.

I realize others are struggling in this economy. I’d love to say it was all an overnight wonder, and that I don’t deserve any of it at all. But that’s not the case. I have legitimate first world problems.

I keep my contacts open with agencies for whom I do commercial work. I go where I’m told and do what’s asked of me most of the time. I’m on time, I’m early, I’m in costume/wardrobe/makeup, and I know my lines. My personal appearances as Santa have built a solid reputation for many years. My writing is now about to pay off (more on that very soon, I hope) and I have actually made some money as an author – yes, I’ll be asking you to buy something very soon. Just waiting for the publisher to release the contents of their December output.

But it makes me a bit crazy at the same time. November 4th is really early to be wound around the Santa axle. I took several calls on the old fat guy’s behalf today. Some were job related, some coaching to a new Santa, and one was advice to a person in search of a Santa. I helped all of them in some way, and probably will book a visit with the business that called with questions about hiring a Santa. Instead they wound up with a lesson in planning a Santa event – for free. I’ll probably get the job.

Combine that with a sequel that’s due at the end of this month (I’m forcing myself to do it during Nanowrimo) and computer problems, internet issues (Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to wipe out your wireless network by doing that, Sir) and general stuff like laundry, shopping, home repairs, winterizing the house and patio, and you have a raging psychotic mess on your hands by 1800. I will be in bed by 2130 tonight (writing this the day before) and glad for the chance to rest.

If the winning streak continues, Stormy will jump on the bed and snuggle up again tonight. First time ever was last night. Hopped on the bed at 1:30 and stayed all night. I cannot tell you what bliss that was for me. I woke up several times and thought it was my old guy, Edzell. The two of them have similar coats, and it was so darned nice to have a dog curled up with me. Even though I get the tail in my face. Strangely, her butt matches my beard.

Well and good. I feel better just recounting a bit of the madness today. Tomorrow it’s auditions, real job, more writing, further adventures in laundry, Yellow Jacket venom injections, and whatever else God chooses to throw at me in the course of events.

In the meantime, I leave you with Don Novello doing Santa’s Lament. I love this video. Be blessed, pray for me not to blow a fuse too early in the season, and thank you for reading.

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