Bad Lip Reading Rules

I realize that many of you have speculated on what my secret is. The secret of keeping myself out of custody in some institution, either criminal or mental. There is no secret: you’re all just as messed up as me, but I’m out in the open. Today’s blog is a good example of what allows me to function some days without the net coming down.

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There is a thing (if you know of a better term, please put it in the comments) know as Bad Lip Reading. I first became aware of them about three years ago, having missed out on their genesis. (I won the Genesis contest in 2015 – have I ever mentioned that?)

The videos they (nobody seems to know if it’s a man or a woman – yes, I’m binary) put out are venomous at times, but always funny as can be. The video presented here is their version of the October democrat debate:

Some of their work has transcended every group and hit hard at the NFL. Good grief, I have laughed hard and long over some of the stuff they have done. This is the 2015 version, and well worth the time to watch it:

Perhaps my favorite is one that they did during the early days of The Walking Dead. Some of the characters have moved on, but the videos really take the starch out of the drama. It’s lovely:

Okay. You’ve wasted enough time watching this stuff. Get back to work, don’t let anyone see you goofing off, and go back to these later after your shift ends.

Or, just waste the whole day. Heck, I’m not your boss.
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