Comedy Break

Today we mix it up a bit. Not a lot. A bit. That’s to welcome all the new readers to the blog, and the new fans on the Facebook page. Thanks for dropping by. I promise something special this Friday for all the subscribers to the blog and the Facebook page fans. It will not post here until next week late, if at all. Yes, some more arm twisting to subscribe to the blog (on the right is the box where you can do the deed. Please remember, you will be sent an email you must respond to in order to complete the subscription process) and weasel you into liking the Facebook author page. ‘Nuff said.

I am a raving loon for good comedy. Some of you may not like my choices, but then again I have virgin sailor ears – not much offends them.

Today I’m going to throw you video popcorn for your snacking enjoyment. Sadly, the first video is from Jerry Seinfeld and he doesn’t have a sharing tool (that I’ve figured out) that will allow me to embed his video on this blog. Eh. But here’s a link to a great episode of his show on the web. Julia Louis-Dreyfus I’ll Go If I Don’t Have To Talk – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld.

That no doubt got you started. Next up on our comedic list is Rahn Hortman. I saw him in concert a while ago thanks to KTIS radio. What a great show. Clean, funny, outrageous. I had a chance to chat with him after the show. Very nice man. Here’s a clip of him doing his work:

Henry Cho is next up on the list. He was the other headliner that night with KTIS. Supremely funny guy, once again family friendly. Here’s a clip of him from a few years ago:

Moving on to someone you probably have blamed for the coffee stain on your shirt, and the burned nostrils that went with it, is Steve Harvey. Fair warning, he has a few blue moments (cursing is what that means – again, sailor ears, I’m okay.) Here’s his clip of the worst Family Feud answers (it’s his live comedy set with video clips.)

Finally, the masters of the trade in one clip: Lucille Ball and The Three Stooges ***(WARNING – AUTOPLAY SOUND.(Don’t blame me if you get busted for surfing at work.)) This is an early appearance for Lucy – back when she was as glamorous as any starlet in Hollywood. The Stooges, of course, are cross-dressing. So what else is new?

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