Charleston Church Shooting Is Not A Hate Crime: It’s Murder

Hate crimes are crimes based on thoughts. A bogus idea on a good day. The shooting at the church last night was murder-x-9. Let’s call it what it is and not whip up the traditional racial animosity that the media and politicians love so much. The man who pulled the trigger is a sociopath and a killer. Motivation won’t matter until you get to the trial, and if he meant to kill that’s enough. Let’s be real: all murders are hate crimes. It’s the premeditation that makes that the case. It’s evil that motivates the shooter.

People, don’t be blinded by the racial component. When shooters have showed up at other churches in the last 20 years it was not a racial crime. Plenty of white on white, black on black church shootings for everyone. This person’s race need not be the focus. If he spewed trash regarding race while he was in the church, he’s a despicable swine. But the murders are the real issue.

The focus should be on catching him.

So, let’s go to the pictures I’ve seen versus the blather on the news.

First, he looks like he’s wearing full-torso armor under the shirts. What say we search for purchases of that gear in the region.

Second, the talking heads are babbling about a gun hidden in the church because he’s not carrying one going through the door. Uh, ever hear of pistols? Perchance he didn’t haul in an AR-15. I know that would disappoint some, but does the weapon matter except to identify him? Let’s wait until some identification of the weapon is released.

Part of the hate-crime mentality is that it says to the public that if a white guy shoots a black guy it’s a hate crime. Based on what? What if a black guy shoots a white guy? Still a hate crime? I attend a primarily black church. Am I planning a hate crime? I hope not, but I’ll ask myself later to be sure. If so, it’s a long lead time for me. But after several years I think I’m safe.

Last, but not least: most churches are gun-free zones. A shame. Because there’s a chance there’d be only a single body in Charleston if one of the other congregants had been carrying a weapon legally. Bad guys don’t read signs.

Just like my church, and the Bible studies I sometimes attend, let’s close this out with prayer:

Father, bless that church and that city. Let peace reign upon your earth. Help us find this killer and bring closure to the wounds he created. Bless those whose families lost a member last night. Amen

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