Amish Zombies From Space: A Review.

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Amish Zombies from Space is just another book about the Amish. Well, at least the Amish in space. Perchance, more specifically, a group we’ve seen battling vampires in the past. Yeah, it’s kind of a niche thing, but it’s so well done that if you have any interest at all in speculative fiction you should take the time to read it now.

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Amish Zombies From Space

Amish Zombies From Space

I know Kerry Nietz from a writers group I belong to, and have corresponded with him in the past. I was also lucky enough to beta read this book. He has said he’s blaming me if it fails, because I off-handedly made some smart comment like, “Anyone can do Amish Vampires. It takes a real writer to do Zombies.” Or something like that – I think he’s just scapegoating me. Not that he has to worry, the book is good. Very good.

It would be easy to throw a book like this out in the world and just make it a campy goof. Kerry doesn’t do that. He presents a thoughtful approach to technology, changing religious values, and how characters try to reconcile their faith with a changing world. He strikes a delicate balance between fascinating and offending the reader with his portrayal of the Amish. There’s enough there to bring tension, but not enough to stereotype the order and defile its members.

A thoroughly pleasant read, it will captivate even hard-core science fiction readers. Since it’s a book that follows the Christian faith, it shouldn’t offend anyone with sex or language. In other words, it’s a great read for all from about age 12 on up.

Below is my review. I hope you get a chance to buy the book today and enjoy it as much as I did.

Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this work for review purposes. There was no monetary incentive. Zombies. Lots of zombies. But no money.

Kerry is at full speed in this book, the sequel to the widely discussed Amish Vampires In Space. Any book that Jimmy Fallon lampoons should tweak your interest. The sequel? It had best grab you by the throat and shake you, as it’s facing the world with one half-hitch in its stride already.

I am pleased to report that it’s a great book. Not only does Mr. Nietz manage to do justice to the Amish, but also he hits the horror of zombies full in the face, making your skin crawl with anticipation (and, for that matter, fear of contagion.)

Well written, great plot twists, clever use of technology, it’s actually a story of how an conservative religious culture is forced to deal with major shocks to their view of the universe. Faith and technology don’t have to be at war, only our interpretation of how they should interact.

Kerry has managed to bring the best of the Amish, science fiction, and faith elements into this work. It’s entertaining and enjoyable at many levels.

Definite five stars for this book. Now, go raise a barn, Kerry.

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