If you see a mob of zombies howling for my blood outside my cube …

They might not be zombies but coworkers.  My associate and I have a new task we’re doing in the middle of the night.  It breaks things.  Lots of things.  This makes the day crew very unhappy.  We break them and then go home before the damage reports come in to the office.  The day crew then has to fix all the stuff we broke the night before.  I understand that they were all walking around mumbling our names yesterday.  Kind of reminds me of “The Walking Dead” in more than a few ways.  Traditional zombie resolution methodology is, however, not approved by the H.R. department.  Actually, it’s specifically prohibited.

I won’t say what the project is, but it’s step one in a big upgrade.  We are essentially bouncing things off the floor to see what shatters and what really bounces back on to the shelf without falling apart.  So, breaking things is more-or-less the actual goal.  It’s like pre-breaking them before we really break them in a few months.

Make no sense?  Then you clearly don’t work with computers or telecommunications equipment.  But I’m betting that you do work with at least a few zombies.

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