Stormy The Gray Blur – But In A Different Way.

Regular readers of this train-wreck will identify Stormy as my rescue Sheltie. She’s been living with us for about three years, and came to us in the wake of our losing Maisie, another female Sheltie. Maisie was a fiend for snuggling. Never a moment spent alone when she could be on your lap, sleeping on my bed, or getting her belly rubbed. Stormy was a two-time loser in the rescue business. Previous owners had not nice things to say about her. All lies, I’m sure, but she was coming to us with a history of unhappy life events.

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Now appearing at a snuggle near you.

Now appearing at a snuggle near you.

I have chronicled her progress from day one. At that point, she would not be in the same room with me unless she was dragged and bribed with snacks. That is one reason she is so fat. I have no excuse for my size, but hey, if the dog gets a snack why shouldn’t I?

I digress. We have now moved to the point where she is seeking close attention. Not just belly rubs (that started about month 4) but actually pawing at me if I’m ignoring her. God forbid I lay on the floor to watch a movie and she comes around. Either I pet her (she stands there waiting for her due) or I get clawed. I’ll pet.

The last few days she’s taken to cuddling. I think it’s the onset of the cold weather, no other significant event has intruded – wait a minute: I smell a rat. My wife had surgery last week and the dog has to keep clear of her or risk injuring the surgical site. That leaves me to do double duty. That little stinker is just waiting for my wife to be back in the game and is taking me on as a surrogate.

I’ll accept that – it might stick afterwards. It sure feels good to have her warm little (okay, medium-sized) body tucked up against me as we watch a flick.

Progress is slow. But worth all the work.

I hope you have a great day and a snuggle buddy in your life.
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