Man, Those Photos Helped

I was all set to write a post about a very political topic when I got distracted. A rather common thing for me, the shiny objects get me every time. Tonight it was for the better.

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I had to find a picture of my wife for a special project. I thought, “Hey, one of those pictures from Haiti has a great smile.” Out came the Haiti file folder, and this one caught my attention:

Me and my peeps

Me and my peeps

This caused me to rethink the other post. It will be done, just not today.

Today I want to think about those beautiful people I met on this trip. Not just the people of Haiti, but my fellow missionaries and the support staff.

I looked at a lot of those pictures tonight, and I am made glad by the beauty they bring to this earth.

Thank you, God, for an amazing trip just about two years ago. It was a blessing.

Have you made a missions trip? If you had the glow I have right now you’d sign up in a heart beat. Why not tromp on over to and see if you can join them for a life changing experience.

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