Houston, we have a problem.

Home Base: Houston, we have a problem.

Houston: Go ahead, Home Base.

Home Base: Houston, it appears that during the sleep cycle for the crew in the housing module one of the quadriped herding units suffered a dangerous pressure increase in the temporary fecal storage chamber.

Houston: Damage, Home Base?

Home Base: Minimal Houston. It appears that the unit stayed sentient and moved to an unoccupied area of the base with smooth flooring to begin discharge/over-pressure relief protocol. Evidently the relief valve tripped on and off for several minutes ending the danger of a blown out herding unit.

Houston: Home Base, please describe cleanup.

Home Base: Houston, the returning night crew found the discharge in the food preparation area, random drop pattern, and minimal splash damage. Technician secured the waste with fiber based disposable reclamation units. A high density dihydrous-oxygen  wash-down was initiated using a remote applicator and a sponge. Waste was transferred to a temporary holding facility near the rover transit lane.

Houston: Status of the herding unit with the malfunctioning pressure release system?

Home Base: Snoozing on the rug and snoring. It was evidently a tough night. Home Base, Out.

Empty unit. Recharge pending.

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