London Calling.

Maybe not London, more like Saint Paul.  It’s so gloomy out today that my Christmas lights never turned off after what some laughingly call “sunrise.”

This, of course, meant that I spent the entire day in bed.  Nothing like a little nap after work – about 8 hours.

So, now it’s time to celebrate my beloved spouse’s birthday.  Russian food (as is the tradition) and then an exciting night of watching prison shows on cable.  Whew, the excitement of middle age.

I remember fondly the days when this noted birthday would provoke bouts of heavy partying, dancing, drinking, eating and general carousing.  I also remember feeling like death the next two days.  Tomorrow we’ll both get up early and go to church. All things considered, much better fun at church – and no hangover.

Priorities change, lives change, salvation never does.  We’re better people now than we were 27 years ago.  Our lives are better, our souls have been washed clean and our futures are secured in Christ.

Doesn’t mean I don’t smile when I think about our youth and the fun we had.  That was just a part of the journey.  I’m glad we survived.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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