And I Thought It Was Just Me…

Among my many flaws is an obsession with Jack Webb. I will not pretend that it’s a scholarly obsession, at least it didn’t start that way. But it is morphing in that direction.

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I plan on writing extensively about Mr. Webb and his programs in the future. Today I’d just like to share this link to a website that is evidently visited by other obsessed, sad, pathetic individuals: people just like me.

Yes, I do things like Google the restaurants that appear in Adam-12. Sad, but it fascinates me how things change over the years. I do this with classic movies as well. Google Streetview and I have a relationship. Don’t tell my wife – it’s getting worse. I’ve turned into an architectural peeping-Tom.

This hunt began with a search for Biff’s restaurant. I found the picture below for your enjoyment. It is taken from and This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. | ModMidMod

Biff's appears in tons of television shows - it was near the studios.

Biff’s appears in tons of television shows – it was near the studios.

I should probably be ashamed. But I find more neat stuff doing this than you would ever imagine.

The internet still amazes me. I hope it never quits.

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