Today I Am Thankful For Amish Vampires In Space.

Yes, you read that correctly. Amish Vampires in Space. It’s a book by Kerry Nietz.

Stolen proudly from

Stolen proudly from

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Amish Vampires in Space is kind of an “inside baseball” joke among Christian authors. Jeff Gerke, a man with serious mental issues (he’s brilliant – that’s an issue) came up with the title a few years back in response to the glut/profusion/dominance of the Christian market by Amish inspired stories. The foreword to AVIS (Amish Vampires in Space) talks about it in detail.

One of Jeff’s authors, Kerry Nietz, had already written a few books for Marcher Lord Press. He knew Jeff’s joke about the title and trying to break into the Amish market. One day he contacted Jeff – well, buy the book and read the forward.

So, down to the nub: why would anyone read such a book and why is it the topic of your Thanksgiving Day post? The answer is simple: I am thankful for my fellow Christian authors. I love the prolific ones, the once-in-a-while ones, and the just plain nuts ones (me.) God has blessed me with the ability to travel to different worlds, different eras, and different cultures with the books I’ve read. I have been blessed with an imagination – and now I’m writing and not just reading.

AVIS is extremely well written. Whether you’re looking for an Amish book, a science fiction (speculative fiction) work, or a Christian work with a light touch this book will probably tickle your interest. Kerry takes a very honest look at the problems that confront the Amish in regard to technology and it’s place in their society. He also looks at the need to bring The Word of God to the world as commanded in the Gospels versus the isolated world the Amish inhabit. He’s just set it in outerspace.

But that wasn’t enough for Kerry. Nope, he had to throw vampires into the mix. He pulls it off nicely. If you’ve ever watched a Dracula flick, or read the book Dracula by Bram Stoker, you will get it immediately. For those who have read the book, there are some awesome parallels that will make you glad that you read the original. It’s not a paradoy, more of an homage to the genre. You can keep Twilight – I’ll take Amish Vampires in Space. The reason? AVIS presents vampires as evil – as was Stoker’s intention.

I read it in a few days. It was fun, witty, great characters, great use of technology, and a timeless story of how we have to consider our beliefs in light of change that threatens our lives.

That’s two great books by authors in the Christian field in this past month. Which reminds me: Amy Matayo’s book, The Wedding Game, is getting great reviews and is for sale right now on Head on over and get her book while you grab Kerry’s work.

The Wedding Game (Photo stolen from

The Wedding Game
(Photo stolen from

****update!!!***(etc., indicating excitement) Amy’s Book is $.99 for the Kindle version today! What a great reason to go download it and see what I’m talking about.

Some good reading out there for Christian fiction fans. For any kind of fiction fan. For that I am thankful today.

Might I also add a Happy Hanukkah to all my brethren in the Tribes of Israel.

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