Giggle. Snort. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Immature? Nope. I am enjoying a moment of Schadenfreude. Li Matha (Arabic for “why”) you may ask?

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Sometimes things just seem to work out for the best when bad guys target each other. The bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut is a great example. Lest you think I’ve completely lost any sense of Christian morality, I’d like to explain the significance of this terrorist attack and why the attackers had a sense of history and humor in their own evil way.

I was listening to some Arab talking head bemoaning the attack. They had the audacity to say that this was an unusual act in Lebanon, suicide bombing, and very much an anomaly. Naturally, the Jews did it. (At least according to the Iranians.) I think it was Lebanese Sunni’s or Christians, most likely the former. You see, there’s a long history in the modern era of this act in Lebanon.

For practical purposes (I’m nothing but practical) the Iranians and their surrogates brought suicide bombing to Lebanon in the 1980s. They (the Shia in Lebanon) were responsible for the bombing 30 years ago that killed hundreds of United States Marines and brought down the U.S. embassy in Beirut.

Having had a stake in that area for a long time, it’s amusing to me to see their weapon turned against them. I’m finding it hard to find sympathy for anyone except the innocent Lebanese who were killed in the blast. Them, Muslim & Christian, I will pray for tonight. The Iranians? I’ll pray for them but the sympathy level is somewhere near zero.

Jihad – a two way street.

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