It’s Time For Some Flash Fiction.

For those of you who are not familiar with the concept, flash fiction is something dashed off on short notice. It’s a popular exercise at writer’s conferences and writing classes. You show a picture of Cinderella on the screen and ask for a paragraph written about it in your genre of choice.

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Here’s an example from a recent conference when that picture of Cinderella popped up on the screen. This was written in about one minute:

Scanning the room was a waste of time. Rella wouldn’t see the bomb until it blew and thrust the diplomatic corps into chaos. She made the smart move and checked faces for stress signs. Bingo. That could only be Omar under the cheap rug. He’d be the one holding the trigger.

Time to punch his ticket.

Thus you see how much fun this can all be. And I’m going to go out on the limb and do this once a week (time permitting) for the next few weeks, perhaps longer.

And this is where all those posts about subscribing come to bear – you’ll get the first paragraph or two in the blog and then only the subscribers will get the full draft. Yes, it’s free to subscribe. I’m building that email list for the day when the books come to press. But up until now there’s been limited incentive to follow through on subscribing.

So, toddle on over to the bar at the right and subscribe today. The first flash fiction will come along later this week and it’ll be sent out to subscribers 24 hours later. If you don’t subscribe you won’t get the prose.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to the challenge.

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