Welcome To Minnesota – Two Seasons: Winter And Road Construction. Painting? Not So Much.

I have been trying to get my house painted for four years. This was to be the summer it happened. For sure. Maybe. Never mind.

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The first part of the Minnesota summer was wet and cold. That threw the entire painting schedule for the metro area back on its heels. The projected start date of June came and went with rain messing up the chances of seeing paint on my house before August. August rolled around and we got down to specifics like picking out colors, final walk through, power washing, etc. Heck, we even picked out the trim color and figured out what to do with my 100 year old front door.

Minnesota slipped into a major heat wave. 100 degree temperature equivalents every day for a week. The guys weren’t able to work on the ladders all day so my schedule slipped back yet another week. The contractor assured me that I was next up on the list.

Today, start day, (or, so I thought) dawned cloudy and 52 degrees. That’s 30 degrees cooler than 4 days ago. I can’t sit outside without wearing a hat on my bald head. It’s cool enough that a hoodie will be needed if I sit on the patio after sunset. Fire pit, here I come.

Painters? No sign of them today. Could be the forecast or could be the runes didn’t land right. That means I’m back at the manuscript again today. Stormy objects to this being inside stuff – she’s gotten used to me working at the patio table in the morning. Get used to it kid: fall’s here. The end of road construction is in sight and winter looms.

I just hope we don’t make it five years trying to paint the homestead. It’s looking pretty shabby. Guess I’ll go gas up the snow blower and turn the engine over a time or two. If the current trend carries, I’ll be using it in October again.

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