Here’s An Idea To Save Lots Of Taxpayer Money.

How about if we settle two of the biggest military news items of the past week with one solution?

My proposal is that we set up a little obstacle course on a large flat area under control of the military and test some new hardware. Take an area 1 mile in radius and put Bradley Manning and Nidal Hassan at the center. If little Bradley manages to push Nidal’s wheelchair all the way to the outside of that 1 mile mark he gets his sex change operation while he’s in prison and can spend his days as Chelsea – still in a federal military prison. Nidal gets to take a hand grenade and blow himself up so that he can be shaheed (*martyr*) and claim his virgins.

The obstacle part of this is that it will be a sandy area so wheelchairs don’t roll so well. And the Army (since it’s their two idiots) gets to see how their micro-drones do when weaponized. They get 60 drones to use during the test (I like the idea of numbers working out, 60×6=360, 360 degrees in a circle, etc.). I’ve heard the Israelis do a fabulous job with these things blowing up gaggles of morons on their borders, but I don’t believe our military has yet employed them. Seems this would be a really good way to test them out.

Everyone wins.

Do you have any clever ideas on how to deal with these two swine? If so, send them to the Army where they will no doubt be looked at in 10 years or so. On the other hand, just say something in an email about using drones to blow up people and I’m sure the NSA will forward the info to the Army right away.

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