This required bacon and firearms.

Today’s shoveling extravaganza put me in a really joyous mood. It was my solemn vow after the last major snowstorm in March that I wouldn’t shovel or snow blow again this year.

I lied. I had to remove this slop as it was the consistency of a Slurpee and about 4 inches thick on my sidewalk and 12 inches on the edge of my driveway where the plow deposited the mess.

Donning my lovely ensemble of blaze orange and camo snow suit and setting my MP3 player to full volume I headed out to do battle. I’d run the stupid snow blower down to the bottom of the tank last time anticipating spring weather. So I emptied the last of the gas can into the tank and headed out.

Two hours later I was closing in on the home stretch. Literally less than 50 feet to go when the buzzard ran out of fuel. No more gas in the garage. I had to drive to the station and buy $5 worth of go-juice just to get the stupid thing back in the garage. (My snow thrower is an industrial size one and wheeling it around the block to get it into the garage is not an option. Must have gas.)

Having twisted my knee while all this fun was going on didn’t add to my joy level.

Only two things could have squared away my attitude – bacon and guns. Since I was out of bacon I went and bought a gun.

I feel much better now. I will have the bacon tomorrow. Thus a perfect end to the week.

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