The Joooos!

OK, let’s get this on the table right now and then you can decide to read the rest of this or go do something else:  I stand by Israel. I like the Jewish people. I’d shed my blood for them if it came down to it. I hate anti-Semites and their little nasty minds.

Uh-oh, he hates Arabs and Iranians. Nope, got nothing against Arabs or Iranians. Nothing against the average Muslim on the street.  Been to their homes, lurked in their lands, wouldn’t mind living in a few places in the Middle East/North Africa. Can’t stand Islamic supremacists, can’t stand Sharia Law, love Hummus.  Go figure. One of my Arab friends once said, “you are an Arab in your heart.” He meant that in the best of ways.  I have always been honored that he felt that way. Nothing finer than Bedouin hospitality and honor.

That feels good.  Nice to have it out there for everyone to see.  Don’t bash Israel or Jews in my presence.  You might get a smack-down you won’t forget for a long time.

Why this topic today?  Well, the news is full of items about Israel possibly making a preemptive strike on Iran to avoid them obtaining nuclear weapons. And, as is usually the case, all of the closet bigots have wandered out of their festering stink-holes and are making “tut-tut” noises. Yes, including some people I know and have liked in the past.

Past. Period. I’m OK with the argument that perhaps Israel is wrong to be so upset, that the intelligence about Iran is bad or overblown. That’s possible. But I doubt it. I’ve been out of the intelligence game for decades now, but some things don’t change much.  One of them is the wish of millions of fanatical Muslims to wipe out Israel.

Silly me, I forgot… It must be overblown because it’s “those people” who are in charge of the press and own Washington.  How do I know that?  Well, I read it on Facebook. And since nobody on that thread replied (except me) I guess it must be true. Really?  Wow! Drug addiction is rampant on Facebook if that’s the standard. 

The nasty little secret of Jew hatred and Jew bashing is that it’s endemic and acceptable among billions of people.  The Holocaust?  Made up if you ask them. Ask me – I’ve been to Dachau. The ghosts of thousands linger there as a warning to us never to let it happen again. It’s the same crew, brown shirts or crew neck sweaters, whose hearts beat for a bit of “payback” on those people they love to hate.

It sickens me beyond description. I’m angry that people I know in 2012 still foment that crap about media control, manipulation of the government, control of banking, etc. If the Jewish people were really that powerful they’d certainly not be foolish enough to allow this slander and hate to fill their pages and television screens. They would squash it and hide it from sight.  Guess that little meme is invalid.

What should Israel do about Iran?  “Never again” sounds like a good basis for decision making.  I’m putting my faith in Mossad that they’ll not take Israel down the path to potential destruction unless there’s a reason and a turn off the trail. Israel is surrounded by hostile neighbors and currently abandoned by our country. We’re playing both sides of the fence during this administration and so what if it suddenly gets bright and sunny at 3 am in Haifa?  Ooops, guess we were wrong and Israel was right.

Go for it, Israel.  Defend yourself. Take the measures needed. Just don’t be short on the venture. Do it right and finish the issue.  For those of you who don’t think this is a threat, remember who Iran is in bed with:  North Korea.  Lots of trade there.  The same North Korea that popped their own *it can’t happen* nuke a few years ago.  The same North Korea that provided nuclear technology to Syria a few years ago.  The Israelis finished off that plant in a spectacular fashion and yet the world didn’t end. Oh, yeah, it got ignored for the most part because it didn’t fit the “Evil Israel” stereotype.  They had proof of a threat and dealt with it.

And, let’s keep going… Iran supplied anti-ship missiles to Hamas this past decade.  Lots of surface to surface missiles as well.  Not the “home made” missiles one of my acquaintances seems to think are O.K. I guess as long as you made it in the garage you can fire rocket barrages into civilian neighborhoods.  Try that in Omaha and see what the cops think of your “homemade” rocket.  Bet they veto that little scheme. 

The fact is, I stand with Israel. I will always stand with Israel.  And, before you ask (because someone else already did today) I didn’t come to that viewpoint because of my whacked out Jesus loving fundamentalist Christian church views. (Nice that they should ask, no offense intended, sorry if you took it that way.)  I did spend the last 30 years studying the region, speak the language, worked the intelligence problem long before I was born again. And the people of Israel have a right to defend themselves. 

They’re outnumbered and surrounded. And when a country like Iran proclaims it’s goal is to wipe you off the map and announces it’s pursuit of nuclear weapons… I just think maybe standing there and shaking your fist might get you punched in the face. Between people, between nations, same standards apply.  You shouldn’t have to wait for the other guy to land the first blow.  Once the threat is established, the bets are off.

That is all.

Oh, yeah… go ahead and “unfriend” me if this annoys you.  I don’t want to be friends with your type anyway.  I’ll leave the door open but if you want to lock it, feel free.

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