Could we just stop calling him “A young leader.”

I have serious doubts about the press in this country. They are insisting on calling Kim Jong-un “the young leader” and other things alluding to his harmless nature by virtue of his youth.

Looks just like “Bluto” in Animal House – Pyongyang edition.

Kim Jong-un in an earlier movie.

Really? Here’s a guy who was raised in a heriditary dictatorship by a family that more closely resembles the Soprano’s than the Washingtons. He is counseled by a raft of older relatives who really control the country.

All due respect to Franklin Graham (who is a marvelous fellow – I’ve met him), but inviting a murderous dictator to come to the Final Four as a way of solving problems is patently silly. This is a guy who is threatening to use nuclear weapons on our nation. And he has them – this is not an idle threat.

So before we’re all “surprised” at Tokyo being wiped out, or Seoul vanishing in an atomic fireball we might just change our terminology in dealing with the rulers of North Korea. (*I love the fact that “the kid” isn’t even on the official national website. Maybe that’s a hint?*)

For pity’s sake… When will people wake up to the fact that murderous thugs need to be crushed, not cajoled. Being nice to Hitler didn’t dissuade him. Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Pol Pot – the list goes on.

That is all. I miss Winston Churchill and I never even met him. He got it – Evil is evil.

A man who recognized evil.

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