Spring Share at KTIS with Healing Haiti.

Some of the finest people you’ll ever meet. The hands and feet of Christ.

This week KTIS is doing their spring fund raising push and they are helping out Healing Haiti at the same time. An anonymous donor has come out to support Healing Haiti. During the week when you financially support KTIS that donor will donate (separately) to Healing Haiti to bring water to the slums of Cite Soleil.

It’s a great concept. None of your donation will be used for the water trucks, all of your money goes to keep KTIS on the air and support their ministry. But because the donor is working behind the scenes and out their own pocket, clean water will be delivered to the poorest slum in the western world.

I’m proud to be a part of that effort, manning the phone to talk to donors.

Volunteering at KTIS on the phones. (Headset is not beard-compliant.)

As you can see, the headsets provided are not ZZ Top beard friendly. Rumor has it I’m actually auditioning for Duck Dynasty and will abandon my role as Santa Claus. Don’t worry – while I’d be thrilled to be on the show with the Duckmen as a guest I’ll never drop Santa. Saint Nicholas is too close to my heart.

Please take some time this week to support one of the greatest ministries I know and donate to KTIS. You can do it on their website or call the station at 651-631-5000. When you donate (and some of us do it as a part of our tithes) it gets a positive, family friendly, and Christian message out into the community. It brings people closer to God and this week it helps provide water to the people of Haiti.

God is working a miracle here, please be a part of it.

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