More of that serious stuff.

This post is directed at all of you with children. And those of you that play the games that children do. And those of you who were in any job or position where you ever bashed your head. Today’s topic is concussion.

Before you stop and move on to the next article, I have to admit that I used to think people who complained about this injury, and the danger and damage from a concussion, might be whiners. I no longer think that. I’m a fairly “macho” guy, did my share of risky things and took my share of shots. But I was also more of a nerd, a debater, a book worm than most guys my size and build. I can see both sides of the argument as people present them. Fact is, there is really only one side – it’s bad news. I’m not a doctor, don’t even play one on television, but I hope that you ponder what I present below and give it the reflection it deserves.

Concussion is far more common than most of us will admit, or even sometimes recognize. It includes “getting your bell rung” and other shots to the head that stun or daze you. The overall term is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

I’m suffering from a little bit of a headache just writing this blog today. I had a severe concussion a few years ago. It was an accident. I was stooping behind the garage door to pick up something and someone opened the door. Thankfully I was wearing a stocking cap and the thick rolled portion took the blow from the doorknob. If not, I shudder to think what damage might have been done. As it was, it was a rough three weeks following that bang on the head.

But the point is that it did happen. And I did suffer trauma from the blow. It combined with all the other bashes to my fat head over the years. Does this explain my behavior? Nah, my mother will vouch for the fact that I was “a little bit off” long before any head trauma.

After watching the video below I realized that most people kind of amble on down the road ignorant of the dangers, especially to young people. A coworker of mine slipped on the ice at work last week and hit his head. He got a concussion by all of the symptoms he described. And yet I don’t think he went to the doctor or was encouraged to do so by management.

If you would be so kind as to take the time today to watch the video it will be a good way to spend your time. Put it on your mobile device and watch it while your kid is at hockey practice. You owe it to yourself to get educated on this issue.

Link to Head Games.



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