So, that’s done.

I mentioned earlier this past week that I was entering a contest or two. First one is now deposited on the contest server.

The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award opened up for entries at 2300 local time. I was finishing some edits (God, please bless that wonderful publisher who told me I needed lots of work and all my honest friends) before hitting the “submit” button.  I made it.

They are only taking the first 10,000 entries. I saw over 6,000 entries on the chat session. Given the math I’m glad I stayed up to submit tonight. I have a strange feeling they may be all full up tomorrow.

I’m beat. It’s hanging out around three degrees Fahrenheit at the moment.  I’m hungry and need to let the dogs out one more time. But it feels really good to have this done. I will keep you posted about the results of the first round.

I’m not done revising my book, but I just found out about the contest in the last two weeks and raced the clock, influenza, sleep deprivation and a couple of voice overs to make it to the finish line for entering this contest.

I managed to trim over 16,000 words from the manuscript since I “finished” it last spring. I knew it was bloated but …

Well, lesson learned.

More blogging soon, one contest deadline yet to meet. I want to give it another polish before that comes up.  Hope you all have a blessed day.

For those of you that read this far, here’s a bonus video on electric starter motors. Enjoy.




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