Dog update with video.

Some months ago I created a channel just for uploading videos of my beloved dogs. And, of course, the occasional rant and rave session.

Today I present my girl, Stormy.

Link to video of stormy

It’s really fun to have a dog that can both see and hear again. Edzell is as deaf as Congress is to tax payers, and he’s going blind. Maisie had mediocre vision but she was so hard of hearing that calling her name was a crap-shoot. Stormy is not only gifted with that great hearing dogs have, but her vision is pretty good as well.

We just got in from the evening trip to visit the bombing range we call the back yard. She spotted/heard/smelled a rabbit across the yard. The rabbit got a surprise – it wasn’t the crippled old sheepdog that they had ignored for years. It was a lightening fast fanged avenger. I think things just changed on the balance of power in the yard.

More on my girl later. I just wanted to get some video up. She’s a treat. And a blessing.

But a question for you: Is there the opening in your heart for a “rescue” that will not only heal them, but heal you? Consider it today. I’m sure glad I did.


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