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I hate to keep luring you here in hopes of a post and then present some old dreck.

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I’m wiped out after the last six weeks. Today was kind of the end of the run. We made lunch for 150 people in Saint Paul. That whole thing in which we’re asked if we fed the hungry when we face our Lord? Yeah. Checked that box for this semester.

Pictures below show (in order) the completed meatloaf before it went into the freezer/fridge, the crew that made it all happen last night when we put them together, and the finished product today. It was really good. I’m usually a harsh critic of my own cooking, but this was gourmet level, lots of happy faces before they headed back out the cold and the shadows where they live. We did our part in some small measure. Pat & Pam do this every two weeks with some group. Angels.

My thanks to all the volunteers that helped out. My friend Ilene, Jess, Pam, Rose, Mary, Pat, Bob, Kip, and the dozen or so others who pitched in to scrub pots, serve plates, fill coffee cups, and generally acknowledge and love the people who came for lunch.

Thanks for dropping by.

Twelve big meatloaf pans (feeds 300) ready for the freezer/fridge.

Santa's helpers (L-R) Bob, Pam, Kip, Pat

Luncheon is served - green beans, butter noodles, meatloaf, and love.

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